Movie Riview of “The Salesman”

Introduction- The director of the movie ‘Asghar Farhadi’ is a veteran personality who is known to bring grey shades on visuals. The main characters of the movie are ordinary people and the director puts them in situations which test and change their ordinary lives into melocholy and dark one. Meticulous study on complex human emotions is what the director in this movie has delve into. This movie has been conferred an Oscar for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category.

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Shahab Husseini and Taraneh Alidoosti in a scene from “The Salesman”

Riview- The story of the movie is about a couple whose relationship and normal life hit rocky waters, after a mishap that happens in their apartment. The nature of the mishap is not explained completely in the flick and the viewers piece together pieces of puzzle, which are in the form of information that appears sporadically in the movie. What clearly shown is that the couple is affected by the unusual incident which t changes their lives.

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Shahab Hosseini

What begins as a drama, gradually and skillfully turns into a tense thriller, which successfully keeps the viewers at the edge of their seat. The actors are outstanding, particularly  Shahab Husseini in the role of Imad, a man who becomes obsessed to find the man behind the mishappening, that happens in his apartment. It is a must watch movie as it will definitely leave you brooding about frailties of human emotions.

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