How to overcome Stage fear

stage fear

Be it school classroom, a collage function or an important presentation in office one of the major fears that anyone has here is fear of public speaking. You might be a very eloquent and fluent in normal circumstances but when you are put on stage you can be reduced to a bumbling mess. Most people, however, talented and knowledgeable , they avoid any kind of display of their talents for this reason. It is not just for public speaking but also, any sort of performance be it music or acting. The fear is doubled or even tripled if you have ever failed to perform well once on stage.  This is one of the most frightening and humiliating experiences of one’s life and can leave a longstanding scar.  However, there are simple and easy tips to overcome stage fear. If you follow them you can overcome your fear and show your talents to the world.

Practice before a mirror and friends and family

As they say, practice makes a man perfect. First, try practicing in front of the mirror. Then slowly practice in front of people you are comfortable with. You can even invite your neighbors for a special show at your home. Remember the more people you practice in front of the better you will feel on stage.

Prepare on a subject you are confident about

This is, of course, the key point. Always try to give a performance in a topic you are confident about. If you are singing try to pick a song that you are most familiar with. It makes things so much easier.

Be confident in your performance

Get rid of your doubts and don’t imagine things that frighten you. Try to concentrate on staying positive and confident before the performance. It is vital that you get rid of all the negative thoughts and feeling about your performance.

Do some mild exercises before your performances

Try to do some breathing exercises before you go up on stage. Also, stretch a little bit as it is known to relieve the stress and anxiety a little.

Imagine the audience as your family

Once you get on stage try to imagine the audience as someone you are really comfortable with like your friends and family.

Move on stage

During your performance if you are talking try to move on stage rather than staying in the same position also try moving your arms a little. If you are sitting down for a singing performance then gesticulate as much as you can.

Close your eyes if you are stuck

If you are stuck at a point just close your eyes for a moment and concentrate. If you are still unable to get it skip that line it is important not to get fixated on one point that you are unable to recover.

If you fail it does not matter

If you fail once on stage it does not matter. Know that it is not the end of the world and you will be able to do better next time with more experience. Do not take it too much to heart and develop a constant fear in life. Once failed does not mean always failed.

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