Braille Smart Watch

    Braille Smart Watch
    Braille Smart Watch

    A Smart watch is introduced to mark the change in technology. This watch is mainly intended for visually impaired people. Not just for visually impaired but has attracted all of them around the world. It’s also called as Dot. Dot, a new smart watch for that blind that delivers texts in beautiful rippling bursts of braille. The innovative wearable also tells the time, imparts each turn by turn directions and serves up entire e-books all by touch alone. It has a display with braille so visually impaired people can easily communicate with the world in their hands.

    It’s a smart watch that may have life changing implications. Not only trying to convey information through tiny text on a small screen, this also intends to provide visually impaired wearers with corresponding notifications through Braille. Four sets of the six dots that signify characters in this device can raise and lower as quickly as 100 times per second to denote four characters simultaneously and also users may opt to slow the watch down to a single character per second.

    To spell out all the words and numbers, 24 rounded magnetic metal pins embedded in the face of the slender. Users simply slide a finger across the four rows of the rounded pegs to tell the time, read texts and feel scheduled alarms and more. Using voice commands, they can prompt Dot to deliver messages from apps from any Bluetooth connected device.

    Users can also customize the speed at which the mechanized display evolves, from one hertz to an incredibly brisk 100 hertz. Plus, with a battery life of 10 or so hours, the smart watch can conveniently run for five days before needing a recharge.

    It’s a wonderful idea upcoming up with this smart watch and a rare showcase of how the smart watch concept can bring tangible impact to visually impaired wearers lives beyond fashion accessorizing and fitness tracking. As someone who cannot read Braille, it would be futile and hence the low rating under the system that’s contorted over the potential of Dot.


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