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    Marriage-this is a term we all are familiar with since our very childhood. This is one of the most crucial phases of a person’s life. One has to make so many adjustments in order to lead one’s life with a completely new person. That is the reason why almost 78% of people round the world are against marriage. According to them, what is the point of destroying a healthy relationship by bringing about the complications of marriage in it.

    But to be honest opinions about marriage differ with the age of people. People can be categorized in to three groups as per their age:

    • From 18-29
    • From 29-45
    • From 45-60

    Roughly 75% of the people belonging to the first group are in favour of marriage. They are of the opinion that it is very important for a couple to get married if they want to spend their lives together. While the remaining 25% say that it is not important to have marriage for staying together-one can simply have a live-in relationship with their partners.

    marriageNearly 80% of the people of the second category are against the idea of getting married. The only reason behind this is that they are tired of their own marriages and want to get back the freedom which they have sacrificed for the sake of their marriage. The remaining 20% who are happy with their marriages are in favour of getting married.

    Almost all the people belonging to the third category support marriage. May be this is because they finally realise that it is essential to have someone who will stay with them till the very end.

    Types of marriages

    Marriages are basically of two types:

    1. Love marriage
    2. Arranged marriage

    Love marriage is basically the marriage between couples who have already been in a relationship with each other for a certain period of time before marriage. On the other hand, when two people who doesn’t even know each other get married, it is called arranged marriage.

    Like everything, both love and arranged marriages both have their respective pros and cons.

    In love marriages often it is noticed that love falls short after marriages. The couple gets bored of each other and seeks freedom. Thus they either cheat on each other or end up getting divorced. But the good part of love marriages is that the couples already know each other; their likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. But in arranged marriages two people, completely unknown of each other set on a journey of life while exploring and knowing more and more of each other. But sometimes these couples who have had an arranged marriage spend their entire lives but still cannot find that spark of love for each other.

    Problems in marriages

    Are marriages really made in heaven? The concept that marriages are made in heaven is absolutely fairytale-ish and there is no reason as such to rely on this saying. Had the proverb been true then all marriages would have lasted forever. But in actuality only a few manage to make it till the end.

    familyBut what is the reason; why do marriages these days work out so less? Well may be we all are aware of the reasons but just cannot rectify ourselves.

    • Most of us believe that love is enough for working out a marriage; whereas the truth is that it is never enough. Love doesn’t solve all the problems in life and cannot help you get rid of the frustrations resulting from those problems; rather it makes it more frustrating at some point of time.
    • We are not ready to give each other even a bit of space after marriage. Well it is true that marriage is a bondage and it does restrict a people to a certain limit; but that doesn’t mean that we forget to give each other the space each one of us deserves.
    • While getting married we all imagine that now we will live happily ever after. Actually we visualise the fairy tale ending in our real lives. Well a life with endless romance may exist, but the sad part is that most of us are not willing to give what it takes to work out a marriage; i.e. most of us have adjustment issues with each other.
    • These days especially couples cannot give time to each other. They are too busy with their professional lives and hence start neglecting their personal lives. This creates misunderstandings among them and finally breaks them apart.
    • Last but not the least, ego is the one behind the breakdown of happy marriages. Often our ego binds us from forgiving our partners after a heated argument. We prefer on continuing a fight where just a little sorry can do the work.

    Well despite all the drawbacks of a marriage, I feel that it is necessary for a person to get married, because it finally helps us realise our responsibilities and gives us another person with whom we can share all our emotions. Inspite of all the countless fights we have had with our partners, at the end of the day we all do cherish the happiest moments they had given us; we do seek their company when we have got no one to count on at the very end of our lives.

    We do say “I wish you were here with me right now” isn’t it?

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