Being a elder sibling

Family is a very important wheel in one’s development. Nice mom and dad, caring grandparents and lovely siblings. But being an ELDER sibling is heck nervous breakdown. Being the elder most among your siblings can be a CANDY task and sometimes SOUR LEMON. Here some perks and cons of being elder that only Elder one can get:

Your Word is FINAL!!!
No matter how good, naughty, cry baby or evil your little brothers and sisters are what you say in a high pitch and eyes glaring showdown, you win the case. You are the in charge when your parents not present. They know not to mess up now.ami3

We are wiser
as we are older so we get more experience and life lessons meaning we are much wiser that little ones. But they are always smart and have questions ready to counter back. We are expected to set good examples. You have to be A+ all the time.mess


Burden of being Old
If you did something funny or naughty, it’s your fault and if your little sibling did it, it’s also your fault because you’re responsible and older one. It can be very annoying when they starts to copy you and you get a *nice* speech from your parents. It’s our responsibility to watch their all actions.img

Being the Idol
having the great feeling when little ones idolize you. The feeling is very fabulous and can never be forgotten. Feels great that someone see you as idol, though it’s only your sibling. You always stop them from making the mistake you did. They all always consider for any review.


Pride Burned
when your younger sibling gets something done or learnt grown up things before you did in his age. What!!!!!! Odd feeling of pride and fury ALERT!! My younger brother got all function knowledge of computer and mobile even better than me.


Scary Devil
you will do everything in possible to protect your younger sibling even though how annoying they are. Speak a wrong against him; other person is dead (no matters how many times you did same). No One Messes with my bro!! You even sometimes spy on them and their personal life (no privacy). Sense of protecting and guiding them always make you do weird things.

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Free tutor
you are basically in house free tutor. Maths homework? Go ask your sis! Poster making? She knows much better. You are free advisor, teacher, tutor, counsellor, baby sitter and the list goes on and on. You only have to name it. No one asks if we have spare time or not.


First privilege
you gets first preference always and it is an unspoken rule. Like in Mario kart, I got Mario and he gets Lugi always. Not only games, bigger bedrooms, tv channels and family cars. Make the way, Famous People coming.


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