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6 Potentially Drool-Worthy Dessert Recipes Made On Eid

Twice a year, Eid graces us with its festive presence with the sighting of the moon. Eid-ul-Fitr commences right after the wrapping up of Ramadan. A day filled with celebration after a month of fasting and abstaining from worldly pleasures. Muslims all over the world rejoice this wonderful day, grateful to be in the company of loved ones.

Eid-ul-Adha marks the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah and is also known as the festival of sacrifice. It is celebrated with respect to Ibrahim’s (A.S) (Abraham) submissive sacrifice of his son in the name of Allah (God). Allah (God) sent Angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) to swap the sheep with his son’s life. Thus, it is also noted to be a significant Muslim festival.

It goes without saying that sweets are an integral part of these festivities. Everyone has their signature sweet dish that they prepare on this special day. Although it varies per different cultures and regions, here are some of the recipes.

  1. Sheer Khurma


As ‘seviyan’ is an exotic ingredient, Eid remains fragmentary without a bowl of Sheer Khurma. Everyone returns home with a rumbling stomach to the aroma of this sizzling nectar, itching their nose. Customarily, this coolant is consumed after the Eid prayer. With the goodness of condensed milk, vermicelli, ample nuts, and sticky dates, this dish will blow the brains of your loved ones. Plus, it can get you reminiscing your childhood in no time. Want to learn how to make the perfect Sheer Khurma for your family? See how Faiza does it here:

2. Halwa Puri

Handpicked almonds seasoned in ghee, peppered over Bengal gram halwa, stirred to ecstasy with a lavish addition of milk. Can you imagine this divine mixture cocooned in the heart of maida puris? Voila! You got yourself some exquisite Hyderabadi Halwa puris melting in your mouth. As it hails from the state of Telangana, this dish is significantly famous in South India. Grandmas can just keep them frying all day and it will just end up in your tummy! Hyderabad Wala Recipes has an easy way of preparing this sweet dish, check it out.

  1. Suji Ki Phirni

 Deemed to have originated during the Mughal reign in India, Phirni is an amazing semi-solid concoction. Also, this recipe is so easy to accomplish and newbie cooks must try their hand at making this sweet. While it is best squandered generously drizzled atop the halwa puris. A combination of suji kheer and the badam halwa puri is deadly. Besides, you needn’t imagine the sensation it produces on your tongue. To try this recipe, check out this video right here.



  1. Bread Halwa


Coupled with fried bread, clarified butter, milk, copious nuts and a spray of dried fruits. Ultimately, this confection is one of the Eid classics and unquestionably a crowd winner. Iftaar parties don’t go on without including bread halwa into the mix. Moreover, the ingredients required for this dish are easily available. So, get cracking and check out how to prepare this bomb.

  1. Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a kind of bread pudding which we can whip up with a handful of ingredients. Invented in the golden 19th century, this Mughlai dish was a hack to utilise unused bread. Also, known as Double ka Meeta, Shahi Tukda has a royal tinge to its name, it literally translates into ‘Royal Piece’. Mostly prepared on special occasions like Eid, click on this link to know how to prepare this traditional dish.





  1. Rava Kesari


A cheeky dance of rava and cashews infused with ghee on your taste-buds will complete the day. Not to mention a sprinkle of saffron strands that will ravish your mouth to glory. Kesari is the star dish during Ugadi as it’s a jewel of Karnataka cuisine. Above all, it seeped into the favoured sweet dishes prepped on Eid day. Correspondingly, famous home cook Mallika Badrinath has a quick recipe you can follow, right here.

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