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Queer Fashion AKA Androgynous Fashion


 Most of us are aware of the fact that there are only two types of fashion. Namely, Men’s and Women’s. We are totally oblivious that there exists ‘Queer’ Fashion or in other words ‘Androgynous’ Fashion.

Androgyny is when, there is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics which can also be referred to as ‘Gender Ambiguity’. ‘Andro’ meaning Male and ‘Gynous’ meaning Female = Androgynous. Androgyny dates back to the ancient and medieval times. The term originally derived from Ancient Greek. But it was first used as an adjective during the early 17th century. Later, it came into use as a noun during the 1850s. (Androgyny and Transexuality should not be confused because they are completely two different things.)

Androgynous fashion does not limit you to wearing certain type of gender oriented clothes. You are free to experiment. There is no notion as ‘Menswear’ or ‘Womenswear’. There is no written rule that ‘Men’ should solely wear ‘Menswear’ and ‘Women’ should wear clothes which are tagged as ‘Female’ only.

Androgynous fashion not only allows you to play with the genders but also allows you the chance to mix match them to create your own style.

As we know every field of fashion have models so does this. Some of the few famous Androgynous models are :

Erika Linder

Erika Linder

Erika Linder

She is 25 years old. She was born and brought up in Sweden as well as discovered there. Later she moved to Los Angeles. She’s done several photoshoots with both a female and male attire but her most famous being the one where she resembles Leonardo DiCaprio. She came out as a Lesbian when she was 14. (If you are Homophobic then it is not my fault if this article offends you). She even starred in the Official Lyric Video of Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditonally’ alongside Janell Shirtcliff.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

He is from Orange County, California and of American descendant. He is a make-up artist, fashion designer and also a singer-songwriter other than a model. He is currently aged 30. He had worked alongside Breathe Carolina, Blood on the Dance Floor, Nicki Minaj, Deuce, Millionaires, Detox and Kesha. He had released several singles along with his debut album ‘Beauty Killer’. He launched his own cosmetics brand in 2014 called ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’.

Ruby Rose



She is an Australian model, actress, television presenter, recording artist, DJ and a former MTV VJ. She was the face of Maybelline New York in Australia. Her acting career began in 2008 with her debut performance in ‘Suite for Fleur’. Last year she gained international popularity though her appearance in the third season of the Netflix series ‘Orange Is The New Black’. She is currently 30 years old and came out as a Lesbian at age 12. Her first single ‘Guilty Pleasure’ with Gary Go was released in 2012. She released a short film called ‘Break Free’. (Which you should check out right now.)  She also hosted the 2015 EMAs with Ed Sheeran.

(Are you not familiar with Ruby Rose ? Do you live under a rock ? Check out her twitter she had pictures with Deepika Padukone for the upcoming movie ‘xXx’ !)

Pat Dudek

Pat Dudek

Pat Dudek

There is not much information on the internet for Pat Dudek. If you could find any please let me know.

He is a model and visual artist. He is represented by the Warsaw-based agency Wave Models. He is famous for his graceful frame and his shoulder length blonde hair.

If you want to check out more Androgynous models, I suggest you check out Buzzfeed.

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