World’s 4 best and most amazing aviation museums

The concept of aviation emerged when the Wright brother flown the very first aircraft and since then there has been a dramatic change in this field. There are many aviation museums around the world, but the top 4 them are being mentioned here-

Pima Air and Space Museum, Arizona


This museum is one of the important and the most ancient museum. It is widely spread in the area and this museum has the oldest plan flown by the Wright Brothers. The newest planes with the latest technology are also available here. The air craft are simple and they narrate their tales. The visitors enjoy visiting here as each plane has a guide standing by and telling the tale. The guide give the required amount of time in narrating the story, so the visitors are fully satisfied with the way they attend the visitors.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa

Heavy transport Helicopter Mil V-12 “Homer” (1967) - Monino Air Force Museum - Military Tours with Moscow Guide and Driver

This is the second best aviation museum, it was situated in 1954 near Ottawa. This is the only museum which has the collection of 130 planes. The vintage bush planes are also available here. The planes which took place in the wars are also in the display here. The visitors are simply amazed with the beauty of the museum and the stories of the air craft. The tickets are low in price and the timings are also very convenient. The visitors enjoys the most when they visit this museum. The reviews of the museums are just great.

China Aviation Museum, Beijing


The ‘China’ is not only famous for its technology, but it is famous for the aviation museum as well. This is the most famous aviation museum around the world. It has many planes which were being used during the wars and all of them were being used successfully. Other than the air craft, the cleanliness of the museums and the air craft also steal the show. The prices of the tickets are affordable and the experience of the museum is simply commendable. Every air craft over here has a story to tell.

National Museum of United States Air Force, Ohio


When it comes to the aviation museum even then USA is not far behind than China. This museum contains all the planes that were being used in the Air force of US. This is the also the famous museums. The ticket price is minimal and it will be a very exciting experience for the air craft lovers. This museum has been spread out in the wide area. Each year, this museum welcome thousands of visitors and each one of them carries the best experiences of their lives.



We hope that the above information was fruitful for the readers. Whenever you plan to visit these aviation museums then the above mentioned information will act as the tips for you. Remember that any of these museums can’t be covered in one day, so please plan the trip for 2-3 days at least, otherwise you will miss the fun.

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