The Power of Seduction

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    Women’s Bodies as Weapons

    Do you really feel women are weak? Well, I do not feel so. If you say that women cannot hold guns then you are again mistaken. The body which you often objectify is not powerless rather it is a weapon which can make you do whatever they like. Women are really mysterious but they give men a space to breathe but that does  not mean that, they are fragile and too elegant. If women start identifying their elegance as their weapon then men will not be able to fight it. So men, stop talking and boasting about your practicality and rationality because women are enough powerful to use their seduction against you and that’s how they will actually act practical to make you feel low. So, men should better give women a fair space and chance to represent themselves. Do not use biology to tell that women are not sharp and intelligent as they are enough intelligent to break men down without giving them any explanation.


    The ideology of seduction is not about being promiscuous. It is not about making love but it is about using the sense of making love as weapon. Men used biology and women’s bodies to describe what they can do then women are far better off than men to use their bodies against men and turn the theory in their favour. People talk about being equal but can equality be achieved without understanding about what others want? Probably, men do not know what women want. So, it would be better to have a dialogue in both public and private sphere. Equality should not remain a word any more which is being adjusted with the word gender. If you deny women their rights , they will not sit quietly inside rather, they will find a way out for themselves and they should find a way to come out and voice their opinions.
    Men should not assume that women cannot do anything. Rather, they should know the power of active and passive seduction which can be used against them ,applying their understanding of femininity. Yes! But men should not think that women are seductresses because they are the ones who are snatching away the rights of women. Women are forced to be dutiful in the name of relationship and women take responsibilities without having any kind of freedom. If women are ready to take responsibilities then they should be given the rights to be more responsible. No one knows what kind of assumptions do these ‘ manly rational minds ‘ make after thinking that they are enough good in business, mathematics, politics or science. Somehow, they try to prove that they are correct but sometimes their axioms or theorems are extremely stupid and they also apply their theorems in their social relationships, using their inductive reasoning, which may or may not be true.
    Men should not forget that women too have their ideas and they are also living on this earth as humans even if they are not treated like one. Women should actively engage with men in various spheres to make sure that gender equality should be achieved, not only in dreams but in reality.
    The politics of body is a very complex theory. Just defining active or passive seduction will not be enough but no one should deny that women’s bodies are powerful and if men tend to repeat the same mistakes by objectifying their bodies then women should  definitely use active and passive seduction as their defence mechanism without giving any further explanations.


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