Satyavati as a Femme Fatale in The Mahabharata

Female sexuality, the role of women and the portrayal of female characters has always been a significant part of Indian mythology. The vedas, the...

Bharata: The Real Hero of The Kamba Ramayana

The Kamba Ramayana, also known as Kamba Ramayanam and Ramavataram, is one of the different versions of Ramayana (the story of Rama’s journey). It...

The Portrayal of Mandodari in Manini J. Anandani’s Mandodari| Based upon Sanghadasa’s Jaina Version of Ramayana

Mandodari is one of the lesser-known characters in the Ramayana. In many versions of Ramayana, her character is portrayed as a quite insignificant one....

Portrayal of Women in The Kamba Ramayana: An Analysis of Women as the Products of Patriarchy

To discuss the portrayal of women in The Kamba Ramayana, I’m going to discuss the characters of Mandodhari, Sita and Surpanakha because I believe...

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