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Signs that you have the most Annoying Sibling ever!


We are supposed to love our siblings, but hey? Do you know how annoying they can get at times. I bet everyone who has a sibling would relate to these:

  • *close the door behind you* Walks without closing the door everytime! WHY?

I mean, how difficult is it to close the door? And the story does not just end there. You sibling would come back to give you that evil grin and watch you BURN! And the day would end with a tom and jerry fight!

  • *Removes my blanket and switches on the fan* “You evil! I’ll kill you!”

They have their own weird ways of troubling you, even when you’re sleeping. From painting your face to removing your blanket, you’ve been a victim of all. Planning revenges is like a daily routine.

  • “Where did all my chocolates go?”ELSA!!!!

You just can’t hide food from them. Somehow, they always find your favorite chocolates. You wonder how can they be so smart , at times.

  • “Why is the Earth round? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you know how to use this app? Why aren’t we playing? Urghhh”

All these younger siblings, they have this weird habit of asking questions, EVERY TIME. And they are so curious about everything single thing in the universe. They would not shut up about it. Dude, Google it!

  • “I’m stuck at NSP, please come pick me up!” Trouble, trouble!

No matter how old they are, they always land up in big troubles, and you cover up for them. How annoying!

  • I like your shirt. Mine!

All my stuff is theirs, but not all their stuff is yours. Because they don’t have any stuff. It’s fine, sharing is caring, my mom taught me.But not with them. Because to them sharing is owning other’s stuff.

Please leave my room and never come back.


  • You absolutely can’t sleep on my bed. *finds him sleeping there few hours later*

They just have to do things you tell them not to. Half the times you have a high blood pressure because of them. You’re sure they are the reason for your short temper.

  • When it comes to household work, they do not move a hand.

They won’t move even a finger if they are told to do some work, they’re too busy for it. Busy doing what? Watching TV , obviously.

  • All your money goes on them!

You hate going to markets with them. They want everything when you’re paying. You like staying away from them on shopping days. “I’ll love you when I come back home.”

  • “Mom! She has a boyfriend!”

This is the most annoying thing ever, they overhear your talks on the phone with and find out all your secrets. Especially, if they are younger than you, they use these secrets at the time of fights. Oh my God!

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