Protect yourself from Cyber Attack

    Protect yourself from Cyber Attack
    Protect yourself from Cyber Attack

    The number of users of internet has increasing day to day. People prefer to do all their works through internet, it saves their time and effort and everything can be done with in no time. Making payments, Shopping, Getting relevant information, Jobs, Business everything over internet. As many people tend to use internet for their personal and professional uses, cybercrimes has also increased. Many organizations, lot of people has become victims of cybercrime. Security breach has always been a problem with internet.

    Anyone can access any data until and unless you have some techniques to keep it protected or keep it save from public access. Hackers are emerging more of a threat than ever before. If there is any security breach then these hackers take control of the servers and access the data which will cost huge loss to the organizations. While cyber-attacks are on the rise, there is always possibility that it could be a result of certain mistakes that organizations commonly make leaving millions of dollars and data at risk.

    About 86% of organizations from around the world had faced exploits of some aspect of their systems within a one year period. The Australia Signals Directorate (ASD) , this is one of the government intelligence agencies that provides some basic tips that will keep safe your digital life and business from getting hacked.

    It also estimates that adhering quick tips to protect yourself from cyber-attack. These Mitigation Strategies would prevent at least 85% of targeted Cyber-attacks. Cybercrimes can never be reduced to zero but there are ways to minimize them and wise treatments that can make risk manageable. It is important that organizations, particularly the risk management functions, need a thorough understanding of risks as well as the practical tools and techniques available to address them. ASD also estimates that majority of attacks are not very sophisticated and can be prevented by simple strategies.


    Patching always help to prevent most of the cybercrimes. Upgrading your security soft wares from time to time provides better security of data. Update your software, system and phone because updating will help in fixing known vulnerabilities.


    Whitelisting is a powerful network tool. Whitelisting limits use with a ‘deny by default’ approach so that only approved files or particular applications can be installed. With a huge increase in the volume of viruses and other forms of intrusion that causes security breaches it isn’t easy anymore for traditional antivirus products to keep virus up to date. Hence whitelisting feature is much more secure as it allows only pre-approved applications.


    Restricted Access

    It’s always advisable not to provide access to all .Restricting the access to particular levels helps in reducing the cybercrimes. It means simply restricting vulnerabilities. Make sure that password is super strong. Avoid mixing official work data with your home businesses or having separate computers for work and home to avoid giving administrative privileges to your default account.

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