Never stop dreaming

Is following one’s dream tough task to do?

There can be numerous reasons and excuses for not doing what one wants to. That is why it becomes difficult. It is solely one’s perspective that makes it either unmanageable or fruitful in near future.

I wonder, if parents are our originators, they give us life, yet, do they understand what we want to do with that life? Similarly, we all have dreams, big or small, we imagine these dreams for us, we originate them and only we can give life to them. If we don’t follow our dreams then nobody else would either. One cannot blame one’s parents always for not letting the child pursue the dream. Parents want a definite bright future for the children. Their concern is right certainly but a little emotional support and patience can do wonders and benefit both.


One might face tens and hundreds of problems to be what one wants to be. However, this is what makes it the most memorable. Getting something without any effort might not always make one happy. Working really hard for what one wants to be is always rewarding.

Even if one fails, experience is what one gains.


The British novelist J K Rowling is widely known for her Harry Potter series. The loss of her mother, unstable relationships, and a broken marriage left her jobless with a small child to look after. All this despaired her certainly. However, these events also inspired her writings, the results of which can be seen in the 400 million dollars sale of the series.

What challenges us and creates obstacles for us, ultimately helps us even more to become what we want to be. All that happens, is for a reason and we must learn from it.


The American businessman, Colonel Harland Sanders is widely known for his fast food chicken restaurant chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken. He changed tons of professionals in his early life until he realized the work worthwhile for him. His fried chicken recipe was refused 1009 times and then finally accepted by a restaurant. His story shows how dedication, ambition and hard work can lead to success irrespective of age.

Those who have the power to dream, must also have the power to accomplish them. Place the imaginary into the real world.


Sachin Tendulkar, the former Indian cricketer is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He entered batting for India against Pakistan and New Zealand. He entered into professional cricket in 1980s. He went on to participate in international cricket matches when he was just sixteen.

Tendulkar himself believes and says that dreams do come true, nothing is impossible.

Always be positive

We all want to be accepted in the society by doing what the society wants us to do. This makes us feel normal. Why is the crave for acceptance so important? Acceptance is “radical” to humans while rejection may be equally depressing. However, one must take rejection in a healthy manner. Learn and understand the cause of rejection. Thereby, modifying one’s knowledge about oneself and, thus, correcting the wrong too.

We all are blessed with wings but only some of us know how to use them to fly up to our dreams.

Yashika Gupta
Yashika Gupta
"The desire to write grows with writing."

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