Diwali Card Parties

    Diwali Card Parties
    Diwali Card Parties

    Have you ever heard of Card Parties? A card Party that too on a Diwali evening. The Diwali card parties are mostly celebrated in northern part of India. It’s that time of year when the Diwali card parties are back again in most of the homes that illuminate the light of life.

    Card party on Diwali is nothing but playing dice on Diwali evening. Shocking but true. You might have heard that people might do puja and share sweets with relatives and all the family members get together to burn crackers but in some areas people not only do all the mentioned above but also celebrated Diwali with card party. As per Hindu Mythology, It is said that playing dice on auspicious Diwali brings prosperity. Goddess Parvathi once played dice with her husband lord Shiva and enjoyed the game. She was delighted with the game and declared that whosoever will play this game on Diwali, their house will be full of prosperity throughout the year. With the change of time the cards were replaced by cards. People gather relatives and family and start playing cards and have a party throughout the evening.


    Festival is all about gathering, good food, Relatives, there is no reason to spend some time playing cards with one you love most. Thus card parties are hosted ahead of Diwali to invite good fortune and prosperity. This ritual usually takes place all night, after the Laxmi Puja.


    People love to have a change in trend, they need something new out of life. People now a days tend to celebrate multiple card parties irrespective of Diwali eve. This also has Music and food to extend the party. Depending upon people’s interest they chose different types of games of cards. Instead of playing of usual game, people prefer the Teen Patti which has been the most popular card game.


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