Arthritis – Know More To Avoid It In Life
Arthritis – Know More To Avoid It In Life

As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention studies show than around 27 million people alone in the United States of America suffers from Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, arthritis affects the cartilage which is present in the bone joints. It dries up the area and hence it results in great pain every time we move our body as the dried up bone joins rub each other when we move. Osteoarthritis today has become so common that it is affecting every one out of two individual on the knee zone. Rheumatoid arthritis affects areas like the hands, the writs, shoulders, neck, feet, toes, ankles, knee, forearm etc. Life becomes a living hell for the individuals affected with this disease.

pain in knees

Any one can catch up arthritis anytime. Although the official age to be affected with this disease is 40 years but, these days it is occurring much earlier due to our lifestyle. Arthritis is most likely to affect individuals who are obese and overweight. Researches also say that it is women who are most likely to get affected by this disease than men. Being overweight can boost up the chances of the occurrence of this disease.

Exercise – exercise and exercise!

The only way to keep arthritis in complete control is to work out or walk on a daily basis. It is true that doctors say that people affected with arthritis must not walk a lot as it might increase the pain. However, if one can daily workout from a much earlier age then one can definitely delay and also completely avoid arthritis from getting started in the human body. Such exercises should not be very high impact rather they must be done at a slow pace but regularly.


The following are the reasons why one should exercise on a daily basis even if they are affected with arthritis: –

  • By exercising keeps the knee joints in complete motion. Hence, the joints are always filled with cartilages.
  • Muscle gets strengthened in the entire body by regular exercise.
  • When muscles become strong it keeps the shock absorbing power of the joints in a highly strong condition.


A very mild exercise is walking. It is an excellent kind of workout that can be done on a daily basis without many preparations. By walking each and every joint present in our body is in motion and hence it helps increasing muscular strength. The muscles since it bears the weight of the entire body become strong enough to support the joints. All one requires is to wear good quality walking shoes for an effective walking session. One must begin with a slow speed walking and then slowly speed up little. Depending on the individual preference and limitations one must slow down or speed up.




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