Negative Impacts of Skipping Breakfast


    During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to eat anything can really make a difference, though you are not growing anymore, but your body is constantly furnishing itself, replenishing your skin, hair and nails, replacing old tissues with new, and generally keeping your body in the best shape possible. Breakfast provides the body, brain and soul a boost after staying hungry all night. Break-fast as the name suggests, is meant to break the fast that we keep all night. It is like starting a car with no fuel.
    Ever wondered, how does our body manage all this? With the nutrients we take through our food. Breakfast is especially important because, in the morning our body prepares and refreshes itself for the new day. Also, after a long night’s sleep our body is low on vitamins and energy. Therefore at this point of the day, a healthy meal is what our body needs. So that is definitely a good reason to have breakfast. Isn’t it?

    Another reason, to have your breakfast is that a small study found that when lean, healthy women skipped breakfast, their blood sugar was higher, along with their cholesterol, increasing their risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and even a cardiac arrest. Skipping breakfast caused the women to eat lunch early, and consecutively eating another meal at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, increasing their number of meals in the entire day.

    Here, a question arises, is skipping Breakfast related to being overweight? Although a direct effect of skipping breakfast on weight has not been discovers yet. But studies prove, people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight, it said that breakfast skippers are 5 times more obese than those who ate a healthy breakfast. Also, Breakfast helps you balance out your protein Protein is essential for development in the body, but if we’re not getting enough protein throughout the day, muscle maintenance is not adequate. Therefore it is very important to have a protein filled healthy breakfast.


    Well, all these reasons are enough to gear up you guys, to take out 20 minutes to have a healthy, balanced breakfast. Also pack a homemade lunch!

    Cognitive Function
    Breakfast restores glucose levels, essential carbohydrates that is required by the brain. Breakfast improves memory and absorption power. It also improves stress level, behavior and the energy to the brain to function properly.
    Energy Needs
    Energy requirement of everyone depends individually, on activity levels and life stage, especially men and growing children require maximum energy.
    Long Term Health
    Breakfast is not only healthy but a good way to eat with family. Good breakfast habbits should be encorporated in children from the very beginning, induces the responsibility in kids and makes them realize the importance of breakfast in our lives.

    Here are some interesting Breakfast Facts!!
    • The world’s first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be made edible.
    • The world record for the most people eating breakfast in bed was set in Sydney that is 289. In Australia on 2nd March in 2012. It involved 85 queen sized beds having 4 people each!
    • The world’s largest breakfast on record involved 27,854 people and took place in Germany on 29 May 2005.
    • The largest bowl of porridge weighs 865 kgs and was achieved in Tula, Russia on 10th September.

    The Weight control theory
    A theory behind the Breakfast and weight control link implies that breakfast eating is a part of a hearty lifestyle that includes having a balanced diet-and exercising. It’s worth taking note that most studies linking breakfast to weight control loss have a look at healthy breakfast containing protein or whole grains. Making protein part of your breakfast may not only boost you, but also keep you full until your next meal. A traditional breakfast of eggs maybe the best way to get protein and lose weight. On being asked by ladies, they also agreed that eating eggs made them feel fuller and healthier.
    Another study, reported in Obesity Research found that women who added a little protein did not feel hungry the whole day, rather than those who at it without protein.

    Sometimes when you think, you have no time to eat breakfast, here are a few meals that you can eat quickly.
    A veggie omlete and a whole wheat loaf of bread
    • A whole wheat muffin, low fat yoghurt
    • Smoothie made with fruit
    • Salmon, on bagel with light vream cheese
    • Whole grain cereal
    • Low fat yoghurt and fresh fruits
    • Hard boiled eggs and bananas
    • Buttermilk and bread jam
    • Oatmeal sweet or salted
    • Vegetable poha
    • Sprouts
    • Bolied potato Sandwich
    • Tomato- Cucumber sandwhich
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Egg sunny side up
    • A glass of milk and fruits
    • Fruit custard
    • Oatmeal cereal
    • Porridge
    So the next time, you rush out without eating something consider the following things. A healthy meal can satisfy your energy, appetite etc.

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