High Protein Rich Dishes

    protein rich foods

    Almost every one of us agree that protein is the most important component in our body. It helps in keeping blood sugar level stable, metabolism running and provides higher energy too.

    Here are some dishes that are rich in protein.

    1). Egg stew

    It is quick and easy to make. It is an impressive dish packed with vitamin C, calcium and protein. To make it richer in protein one can add beans and kale to it. Eggs are very rich in protein specially the egg white. Also, broil the bread with cheese to make it more healthy.

    2) Black Bean Salad

    Combine the black bean salad with corn, green onions, jalapenos, avocados and tomatoes. To make it citrus add some lemon juice. Obviously, this salad would be very nutritious and flavored too.

    3) Cashew Noodles with Broccoli

    A meal without meat can be delicious and nutritious at the same time.  Adding broccoli to noodles can prove to be very healthy. As broccoli is loaded with many bioactive nutrients. Cashews are also loaded with many important nutrients including fiber. Roast the cashew and mix it with noodles. Also cut some pieces of tofu and bake it with the mixture. Tofu is the world’s healthiest food.

    4) Stuffed potato cooked in milk

    Milk is highly nutritious. Although some adults are intolerant to it. Here is the best way to keep milk in your diet. This recipe contains the essence of honey too. You just have to peel the potato into pieces and put them in milk. You can also add boiled egg and salted cod to make it taste different.

    5) Pasta with more veggies and meat balls

    Pasta is one the most popular Italian Mediterranean diets. Always choose whole wheat or grain option of pasta to make. Secondly, rather than having a side salad with pasta, one can add more veggies to it. Add spinach, broccoli. Those who are non vegetarian can also add meat balls as these are very rich in protein and help to boost the muscle strength. Lastly, use cheese to garnish pasta.

    Other than these dishes, there are some highly delicious food that can add up to the value of protein. One can add them in any kind of dish they are making.

    • Almonds
      They are loaded with vitamin E and many nutrients.
    • Greek yogurt
      It is creamy texture and is high in many nutrients and protein.
    • Tuna
      It is a type of fish with low fat and high protein value.
    • Brussels sprouts
      It is related to broccoli and is another high protein vegetable.
    • Oats

    They are among healthiest grain in the whole world.

    Hope this would help to prevent you from protein deficiency. Add this to your diet and feel the change in you. You will never feel fatigue and will be prevented from many diseases.

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