About us

BUDDYMANTRA  is the team of bloggers and vloggers who love to write content and create words by playing with mind and heart.

At present, we have a team that is more than a family, dedicated, exceptionally serious about what they have to WRITE, they know the nerves of their readers, they know what you need early in the morning and keep track of moment to moment need of your hungry brain. We are growing, we are improvising, we do accept our mistakes, we fix them, this is our schedule. Back end is given as much of importance as front end, and that is going to be the secret recipe of our success.


To promote young blog writers. We give opportunity to young writers to WRITE their VOICE.

People Behind Buddymantra

AMITI Amit kumar, Founder of this Buddymantra from Ranchi. I Consider Blogging as a way to explore new things, new innovations.When I started writing, I primarily meant to pen down the thoughts I had on a regular basis. What started off as a hobby turned into a passion. Writing helped open a window to the world. This window helped communicate in an altogether different way. I have been working with information & internet technology since the early  2014.

Feel Free to Contact Me:

Email i.d: editor.buddymantra@gmail.com

dilip-18Hi, every unique creature of the Universe. I am young Dilip from Ranchi, India. Me, follower of Swami Vivekananda want to reach out to your heart through any means i.e. articles, blogs, social works and so on.

Hey Visitors feel free to share your views through your comments, It will help us to create a visitor friendly stuff. A perfect way, a Perfect knowledge will lead us towards the success.