Sarojini Nagar Market – Dilliwalon ki Dhadkan

Trendy attires at killer prices!? Unbelievable, right? But, yes, one could get all of them, if they visit Sarojini Nagar Market – the heartbeat of Delhites. From trendy and chic adornments to handheld bags of all bags to stylish clothes, Sarojini Nagar Market never ever disappoints anyone. And, obviously, what is the point of thrift shopping minus the healthy dosage of ‘bargain’! There lies the real charm!

Find – Entirety

Sarojini Nagar market caters for all requirements, and there is nothing in one’s checklist, that the place do not have. When it is said that Sarojini has EVERYTHING one has been looking for face-lifting the wardrobe – starting from thigh-high boots to slick heels to fashionable tie-ups, hand-held bags to hobos to totes, Tankinis to Monokinis to bikinis, and Denim skirts to crop tops to jump suits – the list goes never-ending! Barring that, if one plans to face-lift their heavenly abode, then the ethnic to contemporary home decorative items are also easily available.


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All Brands available

Branded dresses from Zara, mango, Forever21 and H&M, all are available, here at Sarojini. The market is THE place, where the export rejects of branded clothing, similar to Zara, Mango, H&M and so on, are easily available and at cheaper price. Is there anyone, not having a desire to own Zara attire, for just 300 bucks! Now, one can flaunt some upmarket brands!


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Cutting-Edge Fashions

Name the latest clothes in vogue, Sarojini Nagar market has the answer. Sequins dresses to Bell-bottoms to cold-shoulders, one will get all the latest clothes in vogue. They are comparatively pocket-friendly than the showroom ones.

All Seasons’ Attire

One should never underestimate the varied collections that Sarojini Nagar Market dishes out for all. It is not simply about the summer attires, but about EVERY seasons. Attires for all weathers are readily available and at a less price. Can somebody imagine of buying 3-4 sweaters by just shredding a few hundred rupees? And, yes the quality of the fabric is not inferior at all.


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Budget-Friendly Accoutrements

Confused of whether to go for the latest choker or ear-cuffs? Or bracelets than the anklets? Sarojini Nagar Market is the apt shopping destination, where one can get hold of accoutrements for just Rs 30. It is indeed a treat to the ear, right!


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First Copy = Branded Shades

Be it a nerdy look or a fashionable one, Sarojini has the perfect shades for all ages and genders. It is taken to be a skill of bargaining at Sarojini and if one strikes the correct chord, then voila! They have hit the target. Imagine of owning a pair of branded shades in just 300 bucks!


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400 bucks branded Jeans

Favourite pair of jeans in just 200 bucks? Yes, one has heard it right. Sarojini Nagar Market has all of them. Various brands (like, famous ones also), one certainly do not have to worry about the quality, as they all are of super quality and in definite sense, affordable.


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Leather Jackets Under Rs.500 

Leather jackets and winter in Delhi, goes hand-in- hand. And who else can be the best person to comment on this matter, apart from the Delhites!  So, how about going with the flow and picking up a thick good quality leather jacket from Sarojini – and it is a promise that one will get a decent a useful one within 1500 bucks.


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Bargaining Skills Brushed Up

Bargaining for trivial things is an art, and to do the same for an item from Sarojini, is not a crime at all. Rather, one should roll up the sleeves to brush up the bargaining skills, and should show full confidence in doing so. Convincing the seller with lot of conviction, that soon the thing (that is being bargained for0 will be his, this type of attitude, will always be be present, when going to Sarojini Nagar Market, for shopping. Moreover, if one hesitates, then it is obvious that he will lose the game, very soon.

Pocket Friendly! 

When in Delhi, a visit to Sarojini Nagar Market is a must. And one will definitely never return empty handed. The reason is simple. This place caters for all variety of the populace, including the collegiate’ desire to compete with the fashion world. It is not every individual’s cup of tea to purchase branded and pocket-pinching attires or accessories, all the time. But, ears gone by, Sarojini Nagar Market, at India’s capital Delhi still rules! One can purchase up to 10-12 things, including accessories, hand-bags, dresses and tops under 999 bucks!


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Implausible, isn’t it?

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