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What to wear with chunky platform sneakers – Here are some suggestions

When it comes to what’s on-trend these days, there is no doubt that clunky platform sneakers have carved out a significant space for themselves in high fashion.

Whether you are walking the streets of Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, or Tokyo, chances are good that you have seen your fair share of chunky sneakers worn by both men and women who love to show up and show out with their fashion.

Balmain, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and more all have taken their own stab at the clunky sneaker trend.

If you have one or more of these pairs of high-fashion shoes, here are some great ways to show them off in many different ways.

Keep is casual

One great way to wear a pair of chunky platform sneakers is to dress it down and keep it casual. Whether you’re wearing a pair of jeans, some spandex pants, or something even more comfortable with a graphic tee on top, you will make it clear that these shoes are just another piece of your extensive wardrobe.

Dress it up

Depending on the affair, chunk designer sneakers can also be a great addition to a more dressed-up affair.

Whether you are wearing a colorful dress for a night out or even a full suit to a formal soiree, you can definitely draw attention and look great with a pair of clunky sneakers that definitely cost more than your average stiletto or black formal shoe.

To the gym

While you may want to reserve using your clunky shoes for more important events, you can certainly wear your clunky sneakers to the gym. Or at least, you can wear them with gym clothes.

While these shoes are not necessarily ideal for lots of exercises, they can hold their own during a long walk or even a quick job in the park.

Summer dress

While summer is certainly turning back into fall out there, we still have a few more weeks of warm weather and sun-kissed afternoons. For that reason, if you are planning on heading out in one of your favorite summer dresses, whether it be knee-high or even a little bit shorter to show off those great legs, and pairing it with a pair of your clunky shoes, will look great!

Slacks and button-downs

For the men reading this breakdown, another fantastic option to pair with your clunk shoes is to keep it classy with a nice pair of slacks and a sleek button-down. While this combination of more classic attire and a new-look pair of sneakers may seem like a clash, we can attest that this is definitely a power clash that you will love to show off.


Well there you have it, there are some of the very best ways that anyone can wear their clunky platform sneakers. While these types of sneakers may not be for everyone, those that do wear them truly love them! Now you know how to wear them if you have a pair or plan on getting one anytime soon.

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