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Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd., is today one of the leading Indian Investment house. We focus on retail business and a commitment to provide “real value for money” to its clients. The Angel Broking Group is a member of the BSE, NSE and the country’s two leading commodity exchanges: NCDEX and MCX.

Angel Broking Group has served over 1 million individual retail investors. It has over 132 Branches, 17 regional hubs, 9000+ registered sub brokers, business associates. Team of of 3500+ employees.

The company’s shareholders include the private investment arm of the World Bank “International Finance Corporation (IFC)”

Angel Broking Group offers wide range Services to Meet Your Expectations:

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Trading Account
  3. Portfolio Health Score
  4. IPO
  5. Investment Advisory
  6. Intraday Trading Call
  7. Loan against Shares
  8. DEMAT Account

Let us know more about our Investment Engine.

ARQ is a hyper intelligent investment engine. It offers recommendations for Mutual Funds and Equity Stocks. It is available to all Angel Broking Customers via Angel Eye or the Angel Broking App.

We bring the best investment advice to every single individual. ARQ redefines Mutual Fund Advisory by recommending Mutual Fund schemes that have the best chance to give highest returns in the future. Our model is tested using scientific testing and is also validated based on its track record. Powered by Deep Learning, it provides advice with zero cost.

ARQ Advisory is better than Traditional Advisory as there is no emotional bias, it is powered by machine
learning & deep industry insights. Features includes Auto- notification to re-balance portfolio which is not provided in Traditional Advisory systems. As ARQ is your personal assistant it offers you advice at zero cost.

To know more personalize suggestions use ARQ as it analyses your financial needs and provides you suggestions to achieve your financial Goals at the earliest.

Looking for Investments? ARQ with the help of Machine Learning and Cognitive Technology analysis all possible parameters to give you the best investment advice with many opportunities. Trust our Advanced Technology to and get desired results today.

We have Data Driven Methods to analyze billions of data. Our ARQ has analyzed over 1 Billion data points to choose right Investment Options for Future.

ARQ analyses over 1 Billion data points helps you to choose right investment options based on future potential and not just past trends.

ARQ Features You Should Definitely Know

  • Index Beating Returns
  • Recommendation Based on Future Potential with Advanced Technology usage
  • Provides you Personal Recommendations on Equity, Gold & Debt, Mutual Funds
  • No Minimum Investment Amount Required

Angle broking has developed an Angle Broking App which is one stop solution for stock trading solutions. It provides you Reports and REAL TIME Updates, Stock Ideas, Live Market Updates and lot more information you require to stay updated. All in One Mobile Stock Market App, Open an Account Today.

Get updates on your transaction by using our Portfolio tracking and Trading Application. Accessing Market Report was never that easy. You can trade online, buy and sell stocks and most important invest in mutual fund with Angle Broking Trade platform.

While Making Trade Decision Angle Speed Pro is the most helpful platform for you. Experience the power and speed of instant trade execution and reports from Angle Speed Pro- Application Trading Platform. Get Real Time Rate Updates and Invest in Mutual Funds.

We welcome you to be a part of 1+ Millions Happy Clients, Start Trading in Just 1 hour. Open your account from here and Grab Exclusive Offers.



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