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How should I prepare for TISSNET?

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How should I prepare for TISSNET? What is the patters and recommended books ?

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The paper will have parts-English Proficiency, Mathematical and Logical Reasoning, and General Awareness. The overall paper is easy to moderate. You can select any book for competitive examination from any reputed publisher for mathematical, logical reasoning, and English proficiency. Basic Mathematics up to class X is needed to solve the questions. The focus should be on time management and training oneself on how to solve faster and efficiently. Practice number sequences, Statistics- charts, graphs, etc (data interpretation), so that you don't have to spend much more time on these questions than necessary.

General Awareness: Newspapers are the best sources but if time at hand is less then you can go for books- Arihant or Manorama Year Book are suggestions. You may choose any good publisher other than these.

Best of LuckĀ  for TISSNET.