Freddy Krueger: Remembering Hollywood’s Best Horror Villain.

The 2000's was a revolutionary time or horror movies. And from this time we got the best horror villain Hollywood has to offer, Freddy Krueger. Read more.

Never Have I Ever: Hard Pass On Teen Comedy Or Is It Worth Binging?

Watch the latest teen dramedy Never Have I Ever on Netflix now! Never Have I Ever cast, story, release date, reviews and more. Read to find out.

Tiger King – Why Is The Documentary Creating A Stir?

The brilliantly bizarre true crime documentary, Tiger King has been making headlines for its controversial take on big cat ownership in America. Read more.

Top Ten Indie Video Games In the Gaming Industry Right Now.

It is time to explore new genres of entertainment, one of which is video gaming. Read about the best indie video games in the industry right now.

Anushka Sharma’s first web series on Amazon Prime

Anushka Sharma Kohli is all set to drop her first debut web show on Amazon Prime. Produced by Anushka Sharma the series is named Paatal Lok. The story revolves around corruption and other evil forces lurking out in shadows. https://youtu.be/iuXDYzG3uMM While...

Four More Shots Please Season 2. Does it Impress or Depress?

Four More Shots Please is back again with a new season! Read more about Four More Shots Please, latest news, story and more.

Harry Potter ‘s star is all set to welcome first child

Rupert Grint announced that he and his partner are expecting their first child. The 31-year-old actor is popularly known for his role of Ron Weasley in the hit film franchise Harry Potter. Grint shared the news through a representative,...

Tara Sutaria Biography, Career, Personal Life, Upcoming films and more.

Latest News on Tara-sutaria. Read Tara Sutaria latest news. Stay updated with latest information on Tara Sutaria biography, career, personal life, career.

Underrated TV shows to Binge on this Quarantine Season

With the Quarantine season raining hard down upon us, make the best of it and binge through these underrated shows now.

Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

Money Heist is a Spanish crime heist television series which was first aired on Spanish channel antenna 3. Beginning its first episode on 2 May 2017. It was initially supposed to be a minimal series of two seasons. Containing...

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