20 most loved street food of Meerut

11. Chole Bathure


If you want to taste the best Chole Bathure then Meerut is the right place for you. If you visit Sadar Bazaar then try tasting one. Even the pickle is provided that adds more to the spices. Less soda it put to the bhature. Even you can’t beat Lal Kurti shop of Chole Bathure.

12. Poori Aloo


Old people like normal food, such as aloo poori. It is also available in the streets of Meerut. One can’t dominate it even when it is a simple food. You get it at home too but the street ones are spicier. When you have halwa with it, then this dish becomes heavenly. You can always ask for extra sabzi.

13. Kachori with sabzi


It is spicy and can care you running nose. I bet you that you won’t stop eating unless you are full as you can’t resist eating it. You also get different type of kachori such as matar kachori, onion kachori.

14. Samosa


Samosa is all time favorite of Meeruthias. It is a snack which is fried but when come to the quantity and quality then no one can beat it. It can help a hunger person to get over his/her hunger. It is given with special chutney of different type such as coriander, green chilly chutney.

15. Kulfi


You always need dessert that is sweet after you are done with your dinner and heavy eating. Kulfi is a sweet savory. It is the cold dessert with crushed dry fruits and thick caramelized milk texture. You can find the stalls on the streets especially Suraj Kund, Lal Kurti, Sadar Bazaar, etc.

16. Rabri faluda


Rabri faluda is a desert which will surely make you to ask for more. It contains a syrup which is full of caramelized milk. It also has dry fruits. According to many people, it beats the taste of ice cream.

17. Jalebi


Jalebi sweetness is the key to every Meeruthia’s heart. It always uplifts the mood. One can find jalebi with the stalls of kachori. It is low in cost but rich in taste. One can’t deny when it is offered. It is also made during celebration and festival times. People enjoy eating it with a craze.

18. Nan Khatai


Ask the sweet lovers of Meerut about Nan Khatai, I bet they won’t stop praising it and talking about the taste. Many will tell you about the way it melts in the mouth. It is like a buttery food. It looks like cookies therefore even the cookie lover’s loves it. It is more delicious when it is hot. So, let it get cold.

19. Revdi


Revdi is one of the favorite among North Indian snack. It is made up of sugar and covered with sesame seeds. It depicts the hard candy. They are very popular during winters and you can almost find it on every street of Meerut. People also enjoy it during bonfires.

20. Til gajak


Til gajak is mostly consumed in winter. It is made up of sesame seeds and groundnut.  It is a dry sweet. It can store for months as the til is cooked in sugar syrups and then set into thin layers. Sometimes, it is so soft that it melts before you take it to your mouth.

Eating street food with your friends is a way to enjoy in your own way. Food is delicious as well as tempting for all age group of people. Even the chaat bazaar of Suraj Kund and chole bhature of pinky shop which is located in Lal Kurti can’t go unnoticed. It is the love of the Meerut people for the street food that it is still growing with a fast pace. One can see many street carts of food with food as well as soft drinks that is liked by the youth of the generation. Street food catches the attention like none other sector attracts as food is more important. Meerut has variety of food stall as Meerut has food lovers too. Food lovers of Meerut make it possible to expand the business of the street food.

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