I was well acquainted with the fact that we were going to end someday; it would just evaporate like the dew gets absorbed by the heat of the sun.  The first time we talked, it was 9th   of March. On Facebook we added each other. Then I was just 18, and you needed not tell me yours. Though, I knew you were senior to me by years, but who cared

The true meaning of life........

I believe that every sensible person on this earth , at least once in his life must have come across these questions. What is life? Or What is the aim of our lives? Or What differentiates us from a non living object such as a rock ? . An individual’s true growth starts only after he/she starts thinking about the answers to these questions. What is life , bewildered and

india team

The place where legends are created, stars become superstars, records are broken, dreams are shattered and the world takes notice of the underdogs. India, over he years perhaps have not put up show that corresponds to the potential that 125 crore people possess. But, improvements have been made in the recent Olympics. India doubled its medals tally from 2008 at the 2012 edition. India’s hope at the 2016 summer Olympics

Peace And Chaos

Living in an orderly world we people believe the lies around us and thus we are entrapped inside this infinite loop called Perfect World. We see the flaws in this orderly living but still we continue according to the Plan. Order is the Way to live what we say THE PERFECT LIFE. But is it necessary to follow a certain code? Why there is a need to follow some rules


Thoughts. Thoughts visited him of last night’s love making, of last week’s candle night dinner, of that pleasant hug, of that rainy day spent together sipping hot coffee. He remembered everything. Her voice. Her way of nagging him for not keeping his shoes back in the rack, for creating a mess in the house. He re-called her last birthday. It was 29th June. He had planned a surprise for her.

Indian beaches where  we should go at least once in Life

The land with great mountains desert areas and so me larger number of beaches. India rises slightly into two plateaus bordered in the central and south by the lower mountains that gently slope into narrow coastal plains. I include the best beaches in India which have their own beauty and each one should see before die.     1.Varkala beach , Kerala This stunning beach is located at few hour,s


Discrimination, a very controversial and widely discussed,debated and disputed topic, is very rigidly embedded in everyday lives of people both common and extraordinary. If I sit to pen down the discrimination faced by people in this world,there will be an endless list of such instances and can discrimination be limited to humans,is every creature on earth not a victim of discrimination in one way or the other. The answer is


Almost every culture on Earth has legends of imaginary beasts. some are like humans with supernatural powers ; some are part-humans with supernatural powers; some are part human, part animal; while others are unlike anything we know. Giants Giants or ogres are enormous human-shaped creatures. They are usually seen as fearsome but stupid monsters that feed on human flesh. Famous giants include goliath in the  bible, and cyclops, atlas and the

Can love happen twice With the same guy?

It was Wednesday and there I was, squirming in bed as the clock struck 7. I pretended to sleep when I heard footsteps approaching my door. As the footsteps became more clear, they were accompanied by my mother’s awakening call for school. She bashed into my room telling me that I was running late for school and I pretended to be sick because it was my biology class test and