• Love
    Memories from love ‘we’ ended

    I was well acquainted with the fact that we were going to end someday; it would just evaporate like the dew gets absorbed by the heat of the sun.  The first time we talked, it was 9th   of March. On Facebook we added each other. Then I was just 18, and you needed not tell […]

  • Writing

        Writing is a wonderful job. It is a fun incentive to earn money by putting your thoughts into words. What can be more beautiful than that? It is both a very personal experience, and a very public one,as it not only helps the writer to put their burdens down on a clear sheet […]

  • Writing
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    “Give Peace a chance.”

    Looking around, trying to observe the present conditions of the world, the only topic that was sure to have struck me was “terrorism”. Maybe the photograph of the dead Syrian child, the millions of prayers for Paris or the condition of the billions of refugees were not enough to stop this cruel act. Maybe they […]

  • Writing
    Hello best friends

    10 years down the line, let me go with that thought what will I be doing? Well, sitting in my apartment with my two best friends laughing, giggling, remembering the days and years we passed together the happy ones, the sad ones, the mixed emotional ones, the mood swings ones, the breakup ones, fights, cry, […]

  • Writing
    Review of ‘The Claim’ by Sanjay bordia

    Review of ‘The Claim’ by Sanjay Bordia.   Writer- Sanjay Bordia Publisher- Frog books. First published- 2015. Genre- Investigation, mystery.  ‘The Claim’ as the title suggests is a claim to a sum of 10 crores from the Insurance company. the story begins with the panicky Sunil, who gets to know the death of Mr. Prabhat […]

  • Tourism
    Travel benefits you with experience.

    Yes, you heard it right. Travel does benefit you with loads of experience. It might cost huge to your pockets. But at the end, you will be getting such experiences which would be larger than life. Give it a thought and Have you ever wondered why those cherishing memories soothes you and you feel so delighted […]

  • social
    Girri Chaupal- A Revolutionary Grievance Redressal Framework

    Girri Chaupal- A Revolutionary Grievance Redressal Framework Days of facing the bureaucratic red tape, harassment by public officials or prolonged delays in hardly a day’s task will soon be history in East Delhi. Today, I was fortunate enough to witness the ‘40th Girri Chaupal’ organized in Kailash Nagar Colony by the BJP Government. As simple […]

  • Correct Body Posture = Correct Mood

    Correct Body posture is nothing but just keeping your body aligned. Good Posture is your back straight while standing, chin up , body forward. In total, everything and every part of your body is in a neutral position. Sometimes you don’t consider it to be as important but you even know that people are judging […]

  • Writing
    The music of Silence

    Oh the pin just dropped. The society just mocked. That raped girl just cried. Syria in deep pain died. Did you hear it? The storm that just hit the soul and not the ear drum. Did that blow you you off? Yes, right? That’s how silence speaks. It’s has the loudest voice ever. The voice […]

  • Amazing world

    We all want to travel to Himalayas and catch up with its beauty and breath-taking landscapes. But there’s more to it. If you thought that nights in Himalayas are just for sleeping, you are mistaken. Do not miss the star-lit sky that is there to lit the world for you. Gaze at the clear sky […]